idcOur port activities at Nemrut Bay had started under the name of NEMTAS NEMRUT LIMAN ISLETMELERI A.S. in 1983 till the partial demerger on 14.10.2004. Since this date the company named IDC LIMAN ISLETMELERI A.S. was established for the port activities.

As a result of the demerger, complete of the qualified personnel and high-tech equipments remained in our company and our company still goes on the activities with a 30 year experience gained.

Our major activities are as follows;

• Port cargo handling services,
• Shipping agency,
• Ship chartering and brokerage,
• Warehouse management,
• Provision and store supply,

The main building and management purpose of our port is fast and complete fulfillment of the export and import operations of our principalizdemir partner “Izmir Demir Celik Sanayi Anonim Sirketi”. In addition to this, superior experience of our personnel and our large parking capacity for construction machines provide us concurrently servicing possibility to third parties. Our port has the ISPS Code Conformity Certificate, which is an international security code, and there are also implementations of a 24 hrs special security system together with non-stop closed circuit camera monitoring system in our port, based on the international standards.


Aspiring to be a globally known port management in maritime sector by maintaining safe, environment friendly and highest quality port service and creating trustworthy relationships with our clients based on long term collaboration.


Achieving excellence in port sector with the fast business solutions and supplying professional service to our clients with a complete and effective port management profession.

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