Mission - Vision

Our Mission

  • To maintain our brand and the service standards it offers by keeping up with the innovations in the sector and focusing on continuous learning and development,
  • Produce projects with planned and rational investments in the framework of our reliable and preferred corporate identity, and provide services with priority on customer satisfaction to ensure a competitive advantage,
  • Become a leading Turkish Port brand among International Port Operations that grows by valuing its employees, the community and the environment,

Our Vision

  • Continue our regional leadership and pioneering role in the sector.
  • To be a leading institution and an exemplary brand by following the opportunities provided by technology and the innovations in the sector, implementing them quickly and creating potential changes to turn them into services.
  • Protect the Environment and Public Health while providing services with international quality.

Our Values

  • Customer Focused
  • Success With Employees
  • Social Responsibility
  • Reliability
  • Innovation