Our Environmental Policy

İDÇ Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş. has adopted the Environmental Policy of taking and maintaining the necessary precautions to mitigate negative impacts on the environment.

Under the awareness of our duties and responsibilities to the community which we live in we are committed to

  • Complying with the laws, regulations and standards set forth by national and international laws,
  • Making sure that environmental pollution that could occur within the port is prevented and wastes are reduced to a minimum at the source,
  • Carrying out the activities that are necessary to recycle or dispose of the waste that is generated,
  • Ensuring the protection of natural resources by reducing the use of raw materials through using appropriate technologies that cause the least harm to the environment within the framework of technical and economic possibilities,
  • Making sure all measures taken against environmental pollution and waste generation are continued, evaluated and continuously improved,
  • Providing environmental training to all our employees to raise awareness,
  • Making the environmental policy accessible.