Occupational Health and Safety Policy

İDÇ Port Operations accepts human health as the most fundamental value in the working environment, as in all areas of life, and adopts continuous improvement as its primary goal.

In this field the company has adopted the principle of combining the benefits of innovation and technology with occupational health and safety.

The first rule of the İDÇ Port Operations is to conduct all work safely

The occupational health and safety policies of İDÇ Port Operations;

  • Take all necessary measures in accordance with OHS regulations in force and other requirements related to OHS in the workplace and annexes to ensure the safety of employees, subcontractors, visitors and company personnel working outside of the workplace, maintain necessary equipment and Personal Protective gear and make sure it is used where needed,
  • Ensure that training and provision of information is constant and uninterrupted to create an occupational health and safety culture and make sure employees participate
  • Reduce work accidents and vocational illnesses to zero,
  • Practice effective risk assessments to identify unsafe situations and actions and possible accidents risks that could cause accidents and vocational illnesses in the workplace and its annexes in advance and mitigate them to acceptable levels,
  • Practice occupational health and safety management systems for constant improvement to eliminate work accidents and illnesses,
  • Comply with national and regulations and laws and create the İDÇ Port Operations rules in line with needs
  • Keep the occupational health and safety records transparent and traceable in the interest of making improvements, constantly review and analyze the data,
  • Take the necessary precautions to prevent the recurrence of any incidents and accidents that have occurred or have the potential to occur, which could harm employees physically and mentally, damages the environment and nature, the working environment or equipment, machines, neighboring operations,

Because people’s safety is so valuable it cannot be left to luck …